Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Indian National Anthem (My First Lesson)

As a beginner to the Piano/Keyboard learning, this excellent music of Our National Anthem was very helpful for me. Really easy to learn. Any way you will get the much confidence by trying to play it. There are only using basic keys like "cdeeeeeee...ee def". You can simply try that.

Here I've got a collection of lines dat r uploaded by good people in some other site. But they used the letters "srggggggg".

If you dont know to read that letters, Dont worry.., learn it right now.

Its same as the letters cdeee. Here letter "C" stands for karnatic letter "Sa" That is "S". As it other six letters also come in order.

s = sa = c
r = ri = d
g = ga = e
m = ma = f
p = pa = g
d = da = a
n = ni = b
Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka, jaya he
s r g g g g gg g g g r g m
g g g r r r nr s

s p p p p p m p p p m dp
Dravida-Utkala-Banga .
m m m g g m r mg

Ganga g g g g g r p p p m m
Uchchala-Jaladhi-taranga .
g g g r r r r nr s .

Tava shubha name jage
s r g g g g rgm

Tava shubha ashish maange
g m p p p m g r m g

Gahe tava jaya-gatha .
g g r r r r nrs .

Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he
p p p p p p m p p p md p
m m m g g m rm g

Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he
S n S n d n d p d

Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he
s s r r g g r g m

You can check it out with my MINI PIANO. In the right side bar of this page. Please keep your speaker ON

Just watch in video :


  1. It seems you have started your blog recently. As you have expressed I also started playing instruments by playing national anthem first.When ever I tried a new instrument I always tried national anthem first. I also have a blog at http://filmsongsnotations.blogspot.com. I never learnt music and always tried on my own. However I never gave time for practice.I realised how people get excited and feel happy when they are able to play simple songs on the keyboard. And I decided to give notations for songs for free thru my blog.

  2. Dear Subodh,

    I've read ur blog now. It has an amazing Indian Collections. Defenitly it may be a great help for us. Thank you...!!

  3. I loved very useful thank you very much Subodh

  4. i like to play this song on piano. i enjoy to playing piano.

  5. Thank you binu mavur sir and Subodh sir..
    I'm following ur blogs to learn and improve my skills.. :)

  6. As a beginner to the Piano/Keyboard learning, this excellent music of Our National Anthem was ... mkeyboardpiano.blogspot.com